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March 16, 2007


Jenn M.

Thanks so much! What a lovely cake. I am going to make this on Mom's day. =)



A weekend's worth of cakes sounds wonderful to me, can I come and stay?


Oh that's so lovely. I love the 'Mummy' on the cake, it's so sweet and makes me go 'awwww'.

I was thinking of baking my mum a cake too!


What a lovely cake Cherry. I'm sure your mum will appreciate it even though you are travelling this week end. What a great girl you are, remembering LBH's mum as well as your own. These are the little things that make a long lasting marriage. Thought for the other person.Have a truly Wonderful weekend. lol


Mothering Sunday what a lovely name. Yummy cake I like the lemon/cranberry combo. Have a lovely Sunday. Clarice

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