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March 12, 2007



I make a boiled fruit cake, in which you put the ingrediants in the saucpan on the stove, then add flour then straight into tin, and oven. No need to put in the fridge. I love it, it's really moist.

When the plumber came to do some work in my kitchen he knocked the lid of my food processor over and accidently broke it !


Whilst I love Taylors tea, I ADORE Glengette tea, aparently you can only get it in certain parts of Wales and Shropshire (I get it in Church Stoke near my Parents Caravan) IT IS HEAVEN!! There is a place called the Bird on the Rock tearooms (in nearby Clungunford) which do their own blend too and sell it in little packets like my Grandma used to get!

I'm SO going to have to do some baking this evening!

Thanks for the great post as ever!


I tell you what Cherry, since we had the samples on the exhibition, I have not stopped drinking this tea. I bought a 80 box to bring back to France. I now have to look for a supplier in Paris (probably have to give them a phone call to find out) cause I'm Yorkshire tea addicted !


Fruit cake jam and English tea. Now you're talking.

Scott at Realepicurean

I'm very old fashioned with tea these days. The tea strainer rarely goes back in the draw!


Must try this tomorrow -- BTW -- check out -- check the Unit Conversions sections -- has the American equivalents -- for example 180 degrees C equals 350 degrees F. Very handy guide!!!

Jan x

here making tea at Rosemary Cottage -- and thinking about baking!


I have just discovered this blog and I think it is fantastic !!

Congratulations from Spain

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