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March 02, 2007



Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills.


These look so yummy(love buttercream frosting)! The pictures are great too, so colorful!
Great blog!


Hi Cherry, thank you for the email. I did not realise that anyone was having difficulty leaving comments on my blog. I have changed it now, so please try again and see if it works.

Those little kiss goodies look fabulous. I am going to try them with my children. If mine look anything as good as yours I may even post a picture, that's if they stay on the plate long enough.

Best wishes Ginny (Twinklepink)

Mª Teresa

Yummy yummy, beautiful, sorry my english its horible.
Greetings from Barcelona.


cake in the bin! I didn't think that was allowed, it's certainly never happened here!!


Deeelish! I love BOTH of your sites! You are a lady after my own heart with your colors and pretties and yummy eats! I always look forward to your posts, Cherry!!

vanilla man

vanilla extract and whole vanilla beans, history, growing vanilla


Oh my goodness what stunning photos! So sunny and happy and bright and wonderful. A gorgeous recipe, i just have to try it. You are such a fabulous stylist, i am totally impressed! Renee x


The outsides of the cake go into the bin?? More likely, my mouth! :)


Ooooh pretty, I want a vanilla squishy kiss!


What perfect timing! As my Mom said she is giving me many of the cookie cutters I used as a child ... these will not only make a tasty treat for my kidlets, but a sentimental one for me!


yummm, this would be soo fun for the girls to make. Thank you Clarice


Perhaps the outer "crusts" of your sponge could be used in a trifle? or even made into cake crunmbs ready to be used in another recipe?
Just a thought.


These look so delicious! I'm really in the mood for baking at the moment. I just got some new cutters in the post the other day and can't wait to try them.

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