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April 03, 2007



I absolutely LOVE rhubarb (especially in pies), and if you only KNEW how much I LOVE balsamic vinegar! We've sampled many balsamics at trade shows, but my favorite by far was a bottle of 20 year old syrupy balsamic (unfortunately with a price tag more than a fine bottle of French wine)! Thank you for this recipe!


Hi Cherry,

Might just have to try this lovely rhubarb concoction before the weekend!
I made the cranberry & lemon cake for Easter and it was fab - got lots of appreciation. Thanks for sharing the recipe.



I adore rhubarb and nearly bought some plants to put in the corner of my rather large new garden. For some reason I didn't get round to it. Reading your post has prompted me to nip down to our local Garden Centre and buy some plants tomorrow. I'm not too late for planting am I? I'll get my Garden Bible out now and take a look. This recipe of yours is a must. I agree with Farmgirl, you are just so creative.I bet this is great with evaporated milk.Oh my mouths watering just thinking about it. Happy Easter to you Cherry and all of your readers.


I am off to buy rhubarb plants tomorrow - we have some but they are not good varieties. Rhubarb vodka is excellent, though sadly also very moreish. The recipe is in one of the Nigella books.


The creative things you come up with, Miss Cherry! And daring, too--I never would have thought to use that much cinnamon in anything.

You may have even convinced me to plant rhubarb next year. I don't "do" puff pastry (don't ask), but I bet this yummy stuff would taste just fine by the spoonful. xx


Looks yummy - my rhubarb is just sprouting, I am definitely going to try this one once I get some good stalks~


Oh balsamic is brilliant. What a simple but I am sure yummy recipe. Thank you Clarice


In a couple of weeks, I have to drive halfway across the country and help my mother move from the house she's lived in for 41 years to an assisted living home. This was also my childhood home, so there's a bit of emotion involved. I was trying to think of something I could bring home with me, something that would always remind me of home. So when I come back to Idaho, I'll be bringing with me, among all the other bits and pieces, my mother's three rhubarb plants. and this will be a great recipe to try when they start growing!


I like to make rhubarb compote really simply. Just a few stalks cut into a centimetre dice, sautéed in some butter with a little demerera and a few mls of water. It really is quick and so easy.

I find that when cooked for too long, it completely loses the fabulous texture I associate with rhubarb.

Also, when chilled my compote turns a sexy bright pink colour that's really quite seductive on the plate


Thanks Cherry in with your busy and exciting life. I am compiling my own style Cherry recipe collection!!


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