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April 30, 2007



What a great idea. They look great Cherry!

Amanda at Little Foodies

Excellent - Will be making these with my little foodies in time for the weekend when we're seeing friends. Great idea with the cutters. Any excuse to get those out! They look super yummy - thank you. Amanda


I made these instantly. Didn't have any blue cheese like you but had them with mature Cheddar. Very, very, very nice.


Wow, that sounds and looks absolutely delicious. If you don't mind I will be writing down this great recipe. :)


Cherry, these look absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for giving the ingredients in quantities that us American gals can easily follow! Can't wait to try them. :D



OOOHHH yum, I am sooo making these. Thank you xoxoxo Clarice


I loved Abigails Party when I was a teen and I think cheesy biscuits would be very befitting. I would love to make some of these biscuits but my old kitchen is being dismantled as I speak and I am using my ironing board as a worktop! When the new kitchen is in place a small celebration of cheesy nibbles and chilled wine will do very nicely.

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