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June 29, 2007


jale fikircioglu

I like your pie.wonderful


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Oh how wonderful that looks! I also have a deep-rooted fear of pastry but when I do make my own pie-crust I always think "what was all the fuss about?" - and there's no arguing that it really does taste better. Cherries are the best :)


Cherry Pie is one of my favourites and you sure did it up good! Looks positively delicious! Well done!


It turned out beautifully...I am always a bit wary of attempting pie crusts, but I think I am going to try and conquer the anxiety, and make my very own homemade pie tomorrow. :-)


Oooh my favourite, and my name sake!


The pie looks beautiful. I'll definately serve that one with Cornish ice cream. Mmm my mouth's watering.


p.s. Fab pie!


Hi Cherry, So sorry, I haven't forgotten about in the bag. I even bought everything we needed from the village yesterday but I was just so tired I ended up throwing the lamb and potatoes in the oven and microwaving the broad beans (I must have been tired to do that!) Hardly worth blogging about, though I did take pics (how sad!!). I'll try again over the weekend if that's okay with you. xx


Well I for one am thrilled that you got over your fear of pies! This one is tremendous and so beautiful!

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