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June 03, 2007



Wow! If I could cook like you.. I would never eat out. But what happens with me, is that I think I can leave something for just a minute while I paint this and add just a few dots on that and pretty soon I smell smoke and it would amaze you how small and tough and black a lamb chop can get.

I am so excited to have a vegatable garden this year. I love to just make a veggie sandwich or a salad out of things that we've grown ourselves and I almost never mess up a sandwich. Plus, can you get more locally grown that your own back yard.

Who was it in England that started the whole Victory garden concept? I think it's still a great idea and I love being able to grow my own food chemical free.

sara, the house of charm

Trader Joe's, here in Cali, offers cubed pancetta now. My husband thinks pork fat is an aphrodisiac. This salad will have him producing that wedding ring he owes me!! ( I used my engagement ring as my wedding band when we got married.) ^__-

C. Stower

Cherry, Your salad sounds wonderful, I think I will try it. I am not sure what pancetta is, but I'm sure I can figure it out. Cindy from Canada


Sounds delish. I'm anxiously awaiting the first potatoes from the garden--one of the few things I actually got planted this year! So glad you had such a nice time in Italy. xx


Very nice salad!
I agree with you, in this season it's better to stay outside than on the kitchen!


Great looking salad! That's one of the things I enjoy most about summer, all the salads that you get to invent and put together! Somehow salad doesn't taste the same in winter! You need a good healthy dose of warm summer sunshine to get all the flavour out of them I guess!!!

Amanda @ Little Foodies

Gorgeous salad Cherry! I feel exactly the same about spending less time in the kitchen in the summer. When I live in my dream house I'd like to have a little covered area in the garden with a stove that's safe to use, that way best of both worlds could be had or is that having cake and eating it?. Amanda


Thanks for the recipe I love to find differnt potato slad recipes.My hubby being of Irish descent they always go down well!
So glad to hear you are settling in well and that you are feeling much better.The Florence pictures are beautiful.Did Mr Armani press charges for stalking?!Sorry I haven't commented recently I've just been so busy but I do think of you and your new home xxx

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