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September 06, 2007



Cherry, I am such an awful cook and have stayed away from this blog for far too long for fear of looking at your scrumptious recipes and thinking sadly I could never do that! But with a picture like that how can I stay away? I look forward to seeing your autumn cooking and might even be brave enough to try some myself as I do so love autumn!


That basket of beauty sure looks enticing to make a scrumptious meal from! Add a nice LeCreuset dutch oven and you've got a baked chicken and vegetable dream!


That looks delicious - we had an organic box delivered last weekend from a farm and ate roast beef with seasonal English vegetables. So so good.


I once had to defend my homeland to critical Americans (where I now live) regarding this very issue. My explanation... "You were looking in the wrong places!" and "There is plenty of variety, it is just DIFFERENT from what you get in America!"
I can tell you for sure there is a better selection of cheese back home than there is over here anyway!

Scott at Realepicurean

Great photo. Who needs anything more complicated than great, fresh food?


You really don't like those tiles do you. They reminded me of peanut butter, burnt toast and porridge. Mmm I think I'll go and make breakfast. Love your photos. So professional as usual.Why hasn't some powerful advertising person snapped you up yet as Britains new young and stunningly beautiful Martha Stewart?


That's right ... we have the best climate in the world, however much we moan about the rain. And this evening, the sun is shining a golden light, it's warm, and it's hard to believe that summer is ending

Glad your kitchen's back to normal


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