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November 14, 2007



To Dawn, the fennel seeds are perfectly appropriate, they add a lovely sweetness to the pork filling.


I love your blog, you make the most delicious recipes! Your sausage rolls look really good, I love homemade food, it tastes so much better than anything shop bought!


A lovely variation, perfect for Christmas!


Look quite yummie, but I'm not sure about the fennel seeds though... Cheers, I'm off to the kitchen now!


Mmmmm - they look really good! We are lucky in that around the corner from us there is a smallholding with free range outdoor pigs who sell sausages, bacon etc - the pigs are right outside the shop so zero food miles too!

Sarah Raad

mm! I don't like pork sausages but I agree with all you have said as ever! and I think jamie does want us to adapt his recipes, it's all part of the fun! perhaps I might try them with beef sausages? our local butcher sells lovely aberdeen angus ones. would have to play with the seasoning, maybe thyme instead of sage, perhaps a hint of chill? yum!


These sound really good, I get my sausages from Chatsworth Farm Shop and they are really good - oh, dear, that means I shall have to go there yet again.........


These look fabulous and I'm going to give them a go this w/end!

I'll let you know how i get on

Thank you



Right! I'm inspired. Am definitely going to give this one a go. The fennel and sage would be delish in this. I always cook with organic meat - it has a much better flavour, and of course doesn't have the nasty cocktail of hormones, chemicals and - as you so rightly put it - unhappiness.

Thanks for sharing this.


I love this post ... the horrible pork tasting of unhappiness ... the cooking together ... the getting ahead for Christmas ... the fact that what you are producing is so very much better than anything you could buy, and that there's no fat swilling about in the bottom of the tray.

My blog is low-saturates, because my husband had a heart attack, and we almost never eat sausages any more (sigh) ... but this is a Christmas treat we all deserve



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